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With EHR+, Clareto has developed a simple, secure, and cost-effective tool to streamline the life insurance application process. Using electronic health record data released by consumers at the point of application, EHR+ taps into the nation’s broadest base of data and best-in-class integration partners to help clients assess risk in a way that is frictionless for applicants.

Built with the needs of insurers, security of consumers, and dynamics of data providers in mind, EHR+ stands as the foremost source for accelerating risk assessment in the life space and the industry’s only open ecosystem offering solutions that enhance the electronic health record network.

Our EHR+ partner ecosystem

Most established network

Tap into the industry’s largest source of data through a single hub for EHR-driven risk assessment.

Enhanced usability

Access de-duplicated, normalized, and enriched algorithm-ready data from consolidated, standards-based records.

Smart, simple retrieval

Choose data parameters and preferred configuration—all with pay-as-you-go pricing and without any startup fees.

One product, with a range of use cases

When you become part of the EHR+ ecosystem, you gain access to a range of opportunities to streamline life, long-term care, and disability insurance underwriting, claims handling, and analytics. 

Requirements replacement

Improve your customer experience while uncovering anti-selection more quickly and easily than exams and attending physician statements (APS).

Accelerated underwriting

Dramatically improve your mortality results and uncover anti-selection by adding EHR+ to your accelerated underwriting process.

Underwriting triage

Replace underwriting lead times and arduous age/amount requirements ordering with a targeted, applicant-specific underwriting path generated from EHR+ data.

Post-issue audit

Quickly and economically assess your accelerated underwriting decisioning by digitally accessing end-insured health and medical data with EHR+.

Claims adjudication

Save the long waits and high costs of traditional APS by accessing helpful and clarifying health and medical data delivered digitally.

Digital data repository

Improve your business intelligence by building your portfolio-based analytics with EHR+ underwriting data in a convenient digital format.

Data Network

Unrivaled data provider connections

Our data source relationships go back to EHR’s roots—and we’re bringing in more partners all the time.

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