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For individuals seeking life insurance, the application process has long been a burdensome one. Even after providing a detailed health history, applicants routinely endure long approval times and invasive tests that can cause them to drop out during the application process.

EHR-informed advanced underwriting eliminates much of this hassle, and Clareto’s processes and protocols ensure patient data remains protected as it flows from providers to insurers.

Decades of experience

1996 – Congress enacts HIPAA

The Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act initiated the modernization of the exchange of health care data

2000 – Clareto formed

Virginia health care providers form MedVirginia to improved the quality, safety, and efficiency of health data. Later, MedVirginia does business as Clareto.

2009 – First data exchange on network

The Social Security Administration partners with Clareto for the industry’s first electronic data program, followed by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and Department of Defense that same year.

Reduce friction responsibly

EHR+ collects the patient’s release of information at the point of application, ensuring once they opt to share their data, they’re done.

Rely on our track record

Clareto was the first data exchange the Social Security Agency and Department of Veterans Affairs trusted to partner with.

Operate with safeguards

EHR+ maintains the highest standards to secure protected health information (PHI) and personal identifiable information (PII).

About Clareto

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We are an insuretech leader with deep digital health expertise, aiming to improve risk assessment.

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