Introducing Clareto EHR+

What is EHR+?

EHR+ is the largest interoperability network purpose-built for the life and disability insurance industry.

It provides expertly managed, continuously optimized connections to EHRs, HIEs, and other health data partners, empowering leading insurers to modernize underwriting, claims, and other workflows.

Join EHR+, today.

We’re always seeking to add new health data partners to the EHR+ network, and we’re committed to delivering value to our partners every step of the way:

  • Simple partnership model – There’s no cost to join the EHR+ network, and we reimburse our partners on a per case basis.
  • Generous in-kind services – We provide policy benchmarking, business case modeling, implementation assistance, and more.
  • Partner-friendly terms – Exclusivity isn’t in our DNA, and unlike others in the market, we don’t ask for it.

Schedule a free consult to learn more about how (and why) to join the EHR+ network.

Your data, boosted.

With EHR+, your data benefits from our network effects. EHR+ covers >65% of the US population via a single, unified service designed by and for insurers:

  • Frictionless experience – streamlines access to electronic health data with no consumer involvement required (no patient portal credentials, identity verifications, or telehealth visits).
  • Smart retrieval – enables insurers to configure targeted strategies to search the EHR+ network and retrieve the data that best suits their needs.
  • Growing ecosystem – supports integrations with Munich Re (digital underwriting), Diameter Health (data normalization), Convergent (provider directory), and other best-in-class solutions to enhance the value of electronic health data.

New partner, continued growth.

In April, we were acquired by Munich Re, the world’s largest reinsurance company.

And through August, our national case volume has doubled year-over-year, spanning all 50 states.

Munich Re will dedicate its wealth of underwriting, medical and analytical resources to ensure that digitized health information is optimized for quick and accurate decisioning… With [the acquisition of Clareto], Munich Re will provide our life insurer clients with an entire set of new solutions to assist them in digitizing their underwriting processes – driving quicker decisions, delivering greater customer satisfaction and enabling new business growth.

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