Clareto Announces Partnership with Leap Orbit to Add Nationwide Healthcare Provider Data to Its EHR+ Network

Clareto, a provider of electronic health data and interoperability solutions purpose-built for the life and disability insurance industry, today announced its partnership with Leap Orbit, developer of the Convergent provider data hub. Clareto will now offer an additional product, powered by Convergent’s trusted nationwide healthcare provider data reference set, to complement its EHR+ network with connectivity to leading electronic health record (EHR) vendors, health information exchanges (HIEs), and other health data partners.

By leveraging Convergent, Clareto now offers its clients actionable insights into available data and interoperability capabilities of virtually all healthcare practitioners and facilities across the United States. Putting this information at the fingertips of life and disability insurance carriers – via either the Clareto portal or secure API – creates further opportunities to streamline underwriting, claims adjudication, and related business processes, deliver a better customer experience, and drive new business growth.

“Convergent presents a unique value proposition for our clients by combining Leap Orbit’s nationwide reference data with Clareto’s proprietary knowledge of healthcare providers’ electronic release of information capabilities,” said Dave Dorans, CEO at Clareto. “Our clients can now search for a provider, get additional information including NPI, specialty, organization attribution, practice locations, and hospital affiliations, and see exactly what path to take to efficiently access the data they need. This is highly complementary to Clareto’s core offering.”

Convergent was conceived to address the universal challenge of fragmented, incongruous, inaccurate, and out-of-date provider data. Convergent combines decades of healthcare interoperability experience with modern tools to solve the provider data “source of truth” problem. Three things differentiate Convergent from any other provider directory solution on the market:

  • API-First – Most provider directory solutions started out as something else, for example a credentialing system. Convergent was built from the ground up as a cloud-based master data management platform for provider data.
  • Reference Data – Convergent puts an end to the garbage-in/garbage-out problem by leveraging a vast reference set of national provider data to inform up-to-date “golden records” for each provider.
  • Automation – Using robotic process automation and the power of the cloud, Convergent automates virtually all of the tedious and error-prone tasks that bog down many healthcare organizations – freeing human capital for higher-value activities.

“Between health insurers and provider organizations, inaccurate provider data is a root cause of billions of dollars a year in wasteful spending and surprise medical bills. But our partnership with Clareto highlights that the challenges are even broader,” said David Finney, partner and co-founder of Leap Orbit. “We’re excited to play a role in improving the experience of customers and professionals alike in the life and disability insurance market.”

About Convergent & Leap Orbit

Convergent is the last provider directory investment a healthcare organization will ever make. It seamlessly transforms any source of healthcare provider data into a continuously updated single source of truth. By automating provider data operations for healthcare organizations, Convergent eliminates data silos, improves workforce productivity, and ensures no surprise billing. Simply put, Convergent automatically produces flawless provider directories. Learn more at

Founded in 2015, Leap Orbit is the trusted innovation partner to market-leading health data networks. Leap Orbit’s philosophy is to run toward healthcare’s biggest challenges, providing technology and solutions to assist with the opioid crisis and patient data privacy. Leap Orbit’s solutions touch the lives of more than 45 million patients from Alaska to Maryland. For more information, visit and follow on LinkedIn.

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