Clareto Announces Partnership with Diameter Health to Streamline Insurance Processes

Digital Health and Insuretech Company to Improve Underwriting and Claims Adjudication with Data Cleansing Technology

Clareto, an innovator in acquiring electronic health data for insurance underwriting and claims processes, today announced its partnership with Diameter Health, developer of the leading platform for clinical data normalization and enhancement. Clareto will now offer an additional product, powered by Diameter Health’s technology, to significantly improve the look, feel and usability of electronic health data acquired through the Clareto network of HIEs, provider organizations, and technology vendors.

Clareto recognized that existing health records have a lot information that can be duplicative or not important for the insurance use case, making it difficult to digest and time-consuming for end-users to review. Combining multiple records from different sources magnifies these problems. It sought a technology partner that would provide insurance carriers with the clean, reliable clinical data needed to make accurate risk assessments and adjudicate claims. It ultimately selected Diameter Health for its platform’s ability to cleanse and enrich clinical data from any certified EHR – and for the company’s proven success with dozens of the nation’s leading HIEs as well as national and regional health plans.

“The insurance industry has access to more clinical information than ever before, but end- users aren’t able to derive much value when they have to trudge through disorganized, redundant data,” said Dave Dorans, CEO at Clareto. “We’re excited to work with Diameter Health to deliver clean clinical insights across our entire network so our customers can modernize the underwriting processes and accelerate their time-to-value.” Now working with Diameter Health, Clareto will provide clients with a carrier-friendly view of clinical data that is normalized, consolidated, enriched and deduplicated. This output reduces the likelihood of a carrier missing a crucial condition or impairment by highlighting abnormal or critical pieces of information. The improved presentation of the data will allow carriers to both expedite their review of records and enable more accurate decision- making.

“Just as we have seen with our health insurance customers, life and disability insurance carriers face the same data quality challenges that arise from the variability that pervades the healthcare data ecosystem,” said Eric Rosow, CEO at Diameter Health. “We look forward to working with Clareto to relieve administrative burden so analysts and underwriters in its network have easy access to the information they need, when they need it.”

About Clareto

MedVirginia, Inc., doing business as Clareto, has been a long-time innovator in the field of health information exchange. Today, the combination digital health and insurtech company is translating its unique history and experience in healthcare interoperability to commercialize novel use cases and pursue emerging market opportunities, with an initial focus on modernizing insurance underwriting and claims processes. Based in Richmond,Virginia, Clareto is led by a multi-disciplinary management team with deep expertise in the healthcare and insurance sectors. For more information about Clareto, please visit or email us at

About Diameter Health

Diameter Health enables organizations to better leverage healthcare data through the normalization, cleansing, deduplication and enrichment of data from EHRs and other clinical data source systems. By creating a single, unified source of longitudinal structured patient information, Diameter Health helps organizations that depend on multi-source data streams (such as health plans, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), and health systems) with quality reporting, risk adjustment, care coordination and population health initiatives. Diameter Health is the first organization to earn eMeasure Certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and then Health IT Certification from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). For more information, visit the website or email us at

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