Clareto Announces New HIE Partner

Our newest health data partner

We’re excited to announce a recent agreement to add a statewide health information exchange (HIE) in the West to our EHR+ network. Participating healthcare organizations include hospitals and health systems, laboratory and imaging providers, primary care and specialty physician practices, and more.

The HIE plans to utilize one of our standard implementation models enabling frictionless, near-instant data retrieval with a targeted go-live date in Q4 2023.

Why it matters

This HIE’s home state is currently ranked in the bottom 15 states in our EHR+ network based on coverage provided by our existing EHR connections. Once deployed in production, we estimate that this HIE will more than double our coverage in its home state, elevating it to the top 20 states in our EHR+ network.

This new partnership also advances our leadership position in HIE connectivity, where we are consistently first-to-market and maintain the most connections dedicated to life insurance use cases. Our current HIE pipeline includes four HIEs in onboarding — three statewide HIEs in the Northeast, Midwest, and West, as well as a regional HIE in the South. Collectively, we expect these HIEs to add approximately 12 million covered lives to our EHR+ network.

About Clareto

Clareto, a Munich Re company, operates the largest healthcare interoperability network purpose-built for superior risk assessment via authorization-based disclosures. With connections to EHRs, HIEs, and other sources covering >70% of the US population, Clareto enables access to digital health data to transform underwriting, claims, and other business processes for the life insurance industry. The company’s EHR+ network offers a frictionless experience with no consumer involvement required, smart record retrieval to maximize protective value, algorithm-ready data for enhanced usability, and an open partner ecosystem featuring integrations with complementary solutions and services.

Clareto is a wholly owned subsidiary of Munich Re Life US, one of the leading life reinsurers in the United States. Through its partnership with Munich Re Life US, Clareto aims to provide life insurers with a new set of solutions that assist in the digitization of underwriting processes — driving quicker decisions, greater policyholder satisfaction, and new business growth.

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